The Three Major Pitfalls of Stage Parenting

I haven’t come across a parent who wouldn’t want the best for his or her child. Truth be told, most of the parents I know now are really into participative and involved parenting. They (including myself) would be… Read More

A Prom Guide for Dads

Your teenager has been excited about it for months but for a dad, the high school prom can be something to dread. Dads might view prom as a dangerous night when teens are likely to break the rules,… Read More

How to be Happy as a Parent

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Home Emergencies – Panic or Calm

Most first time parents due to inexperience, panic in the face of medical emergencies. Me and my wife for example have two totally different approaches to emergencies such as the frequent bumps and scratches that sends your child… Read More

The Art of Listening

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Uncontrolled Emotions – Health Risks

Depression, anger, lack of social skills and many more, these are classical signs of either underlying sickness or too much stress. Nope, you’re not crazy but might need help, who needs psychologists who charge tons of money. Get… Read More

Quick Tips For Kids’ Injuries

Let’s face it. One of the things we parents have to deal with is our kids getting sick or injured. It’s a part of growing up, especially if you have accident-prone kids like I do. My four-year-old Ollie… Read More

Kids Need to Feel Important

Ever noticed how kids will keep pestering you just when you are intent on doing something. The more engrossed you are, the more they will bug you. You just want an hour to enjoy your game and they… Read More

Listing The Do’s and Dont’s of Childhood

Some times our kid’s need a little helping hand in remembering what we ask them to do. If you are a parent of a child who is old enough to start helping out around the house…You will know… Read More

Ode To Father’s Day

One Dad’s Rhymin’ Requests by David Levin On Father’s Day each father plans A morning of sleeping late. But on his day, Dad finds that he Just can’t sleep in past eight. On Father’s Day it’s hammock time…. Read More