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3 Safe Ways for Your Kids and You To Get Around the City

Do you and your family live in or near a city? If so, then you realize that transportation is a creature all of its own when there is a lot of traffic around or when you are navigating among a lot of different people. Because of this, safety is always paramount when you are trying […]

The 3 Best Options for Parents Who Want Perfect Kids

Okay, so there's really no such thing as a perfect kid. But we can all hope, right? We can all aim for the stars, and we won't be all that upset if we don't make it all the way. Still, what are some options that give parents the best opportunities to create children with good behavior patterns and …

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3 Ways To Make Your Home Safer For Your Kids

Safety is the number one priority for every parent. You want your kids to be safe at home, safe at school, and safe online. However, you may have found that, as your child grows up, you’ve become a little more negligent about ensuring that there’s nothing in your home that could cause harm or danger …

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5 Signs It’s Time To Call The Pediatrician

Kids are often getting ill or hurt, and there is no cause for alarm. However, in some cases,  it's apparent that it's time to call the doctor. But where do you draw the line? When is it ok to handle things yourself, and when is it time to consult a professional?   Sometimes a call to …

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3 Tips For Managing A Multi-Generational Home

For so many families, their homes are filled with more than just their immediate family. In many cases, you’ll find families living with various generations of relatives under one roof. And while this can be great for many reasons, especially if you have older relatives who need assistance with …

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4 Tips For Helping Your Teenager Become More Responsible

The teenage years can be a challenging time.  Even though your child is still the same sweet darling who was wearing diapers just a few short years ago, they are now a hormonal ebb and flow of transforming emotions. As a parent, it’s your job to help guide them through this confusing time. …

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