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3 Ways To Get Your Kids To Spend More Time Outside This Summer

With summer right around the corner for many families with kids, it’s time to start thinking about how your kids are going to be spending their time during this season.  For most kids, the best thing that they can do in the summer is spend time outside. However, if you’ve had a hard time getting […]

How To Help Loved Ones Embrace Aging Gracefully

Getting older is just part of life. It comes with its own set of physical, emotional, and social changes. Family and friends have a key role in making this phase as smooth as possible for their loved ones. The trick lies in fostering an attitude that not only accepts but welcomes these …

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4 Tips for Designing a Play Room

Designing a playroom can be a fun activity not just for parents, but also for the children to enjoy. It's a project that blends creativity with a little fun, while also keeping safety in mind. Regardless of the age of your children, here are some tips to help you create a functional space that your …

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4 Tips For Getting Your Kids To Help With Chores

Most parents know the struggles of trying to get their kids to play a role in helping clean up after themselves. A lot of parents wind up giving in to their moaning and take on all of the cleaning themselves, which can be an enormous responsibility when you've got a full-time job as well. Don't …

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