Baby Massage: Why You Need to Do It

Babies are so cuddly and adorable moms couldn’t just let go of them. They’re supple skin feels great to touch and caress. So while you’re adoring their cuteness especially after bath, why not give your little one a massage.

baby massage

Massaging a baby is one way of bonding with your child and it benefits the body as well. The act of caressing a baby’s body parts helps improve blood circulation, relieves discomfort from gas, colic and constipation, increases alertness, reduces stress hormones, improves immune function and aids in digestion.

Moms can initially attend a massage class (yes, there is such a thing as this) to learn how to do it right. But afterwards, you can do it on your own and even teach other friends expecting a child.

Lotion is normally used when massaging a baby. Other options are olive oil or baby oil.

For the legs and feet, make sure to glide your hands up and down doing some twisting motions. Gently squeeze the calf areas and the thighs.

For the hands and arms, hold first your baby’s wrist then wrap your hand at the top of the arm and slowly glide it down to the wrist and then back to the top. Open the hand and press your thumbs going up the palm. You can also roll each finger gently.

For the tummy, do a clockwise motion with your hand then glide your finger on the sides as if you’re drawing I from the ribs down to the hips. Stroke your fingers from right to left below the ribs and down to the hip. Repeat on the other side.

For the face, you can make small circles on the lower and upper cheeks. Don’t forget to stroke the front up to the back of each ear as well.

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