What are the Legal Rights of an Injured Child?

Small children are fragile and as they explore their surroundings whether indoor or outdoor, they are at risk of hurting themselves. As such, they need to be given the right attention and supervision to keep them safe at all times.

It’s a reality, however, that kids can get involved in accidents wherever they may be. Sometimes, even the most attentive of parents can still get surprised when their child falls or slips right before their eyes either while playing or engaged in a sports activity.


But what if your child is in school playing or doing sports with his team and gets injured? Do you have the right to sue the school or the team? Read More

Keeping Your Child’s Room Clean And Organized

Organizing, and especially cleaning, your kids room isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Kids are by nature messy and until they get to a certain age it’s hard to get them to clean up after themselves. And, to be honest, at any age it’s sometimes hard to get them to clean up after themselves.

There are a few things that you can do to help make your kids room easier to clean and organize, without limiting them on how much stuff they can actually have. It may not help keep their bed made or keep their clothes off the floor, but it’s a start.

organized kid's bedroom

Keeping The Closet Kosher

Closets for kids can often become littered with pretty much anything that will fit in them. One way to help keep the closet from being a safety hazard is to remove the door from it. But then you open up to the awful nature of that small space stuffed with too much stuff. Read More

How to Keep Your Family Safe From The Dangers of Living Close to Nature

The tides have changed in the last decade, living in the suburbs is no longer desirable. Instead, people are going to extremes. Full on city, or extremely rural. While the latter might seem to be a safer choice for new families, the realities of living in the country, woods, outback, or any place truly rural, can come as a harsh awakening to the uninitiated.

hiking in the forest

So, what dangers should you look out for, and how can you protect your family against them? This list will provide some essential tips.

1. Coyotes

If you have small children, a family dog, or you plan to make the most of the great outdoors by raising chickens, you’ll need to be aware of common regional predators. Coyotes and foxes are common examples. Read More

Summer Safety Tips For Moms And Dads

Summer time is here. Time for warm (and hot) weather. Time for swimming, time for fun outside, and time for a whole new set of dangers for babies and young children.

Every parent cares about their children and wants to keep them from harm, but long winters sometimes make you forget about all of the dangers the warm weather presents. In case you need a little reminder, here or some summer safety tips for parents.

family outing

Sun and Heat Protection

Two of the biggest summer safety issues, for both adults and children, are sunburn and heat stroke. There are ways to avoid both of them. Read More

How Pet Owners Can Keep Their Home Tidy

Having pets in the home can be fun and entertaining. Dogs and cats, after all, are capable of giving love, attention and loyalty throughout their lifetime to both adults and kids. But homeowners have added responsibility particularly when it comes to keeping the home clean and tidy while raising their beloved pets. The most common concerns faced by people who love to raise pets involve fur and stains.

Pet lying on upholstered furniture

How then can you ensure that your home remains spic and span while pets live with you? Here are some effective ways to solve your woes.

Removing Pet Hair

Pet hair can stick on clothing, furniture and carpets. It can be annoying sometimes to see them especially after arriving home from work and you’re just too tired to do some cleaning. Read More

Filipina Girl Needs Help for Cochlear Implant

A child is always a blessing no matter her condition. To parents, the birth of a baby is a priceless event worth celebrating. Whether it’s the first, second or third child, moms and dads are always excited to hold their new member of the family in their arms after waiting for nine months.

There are instances, however, when parents face unexpected challenges with their bundle of joy such as when they find out something’s wrong with their very young child. It can be hard to accept at first but with faith in their hearts and support from family and friends, parents are able to gain strength and find solutions to their woes.

Rhyka Tiangco

One parent in a very trying situation right now is Rhyan Tiangco, father of two-year-old Rhyka. Born on May 5, 2013, Rhyka passed the newborn screening test but her parents noticed she was unresponsive to sound in her first months of life. She was later diagnosed with profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. She is now using a hearing aid to help hear sounds in her surroundings but this is not enough. The best solution recommended by her audiologist and ontologist is a cochlear implant for her condition. Read More

Teaching Teens About Drugs

Teenagers are well known for rebellious behavior and nothing screams rebellion more than drug and alcohol abuse. You can talk and talk to your teenagers about the bad things that drugs can do to them, but in the end it is up to them. You can’t watch them 24/7, so all you can do is hope that your words and love are enough.

teens and drugs

The words you use are important though, because if you just assume they’ll do them whether or not you talk to them you may find yourself with a drug addicted teen. It may not seem like it, but kids do listen to their parents. It may seem like it is all in one ear and out the other, but sometimes something sticks, and if you don’t talk to them at all about the hard topics you aren’t doing your job as a parent.

Teens and Drugs Statistics

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, while the use of illicit drugs has dropped, as of 2014, they are still out there. Their studies found, though, that there has been less availability of certain addictive substances to the teenagers, which could equate for the approximately 7 percent drop since its peak in 1997. Read More

Decorate Your Home The Kid Friendly Way

When you have children you easily find out that there are many dangers around the home, ones you may not have even thought of. It’s important to look at your home from the view of a toddler or a baby to see what could cause potential harm to them.

It’s not difficult to decorate your home in a way that conducive to having a young child around. It doesn’t mean you have to totally gut your home and buy everything new, but it does mean you might need to take extra precautions, especially with new items.

decorating a home with kids

Climbing Hazards

Even your reclining chair can be a hazard to your child. Think of getting furniture that is just as relaxing, but more kid friendly, like a good quality bean chair or two. Bean bag chairs come in all different sizes and they are fun for the whole family. Plus, they are soft, with no wood or metal to harm kids that are a bit rambunctious. Read More

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pediatrician

Preparing for a new baby is a lot of hard work. Not only do future parents need to prepare their home and buy things such as clothes and food, but they need to find a good pediatrician. Finding a pediatrician for a new baby or even an older child is not that different from choosing any good health professional. There needs to be some compatibility between the doctor and the patient, the doctor has to have strong credentials and references, and the practice needs to accept the patient’s health insurance. All of this is true for choosing any doctor, but choosing a pediatrician has its own considerations. Here are just four that parents should keep in mind.

visiting  a pediatrician

Choosing a Hospital or a Private Practice

According to Peter H. Short, M.D., FAAP, solo practices are smaller and more intimate. However that means when the doctor is away on vacation, or when they are not on call at night, a stranger may have to answer any questions or see the patient in the original care provider’s absence. That accurately sums up the advantages and disadvantages of a private practice. A pediatrician with a private practice will get to know patients and their families better than the staff of a hospital practice, but that pediatrician is also only one person, and they may not be available at all times. Read More

Tips to Teaching Children About Money

Teaching children about money is an important step in a parents life. How you teach your children about money will stay with them into adulthood and could mean the difference between them be riddled with debt or having a happy future.

There are two basic things that people can do with money, once they have it. They can spend it and they can save it. This lesson is broken into those two categories. Start off by teaching your child how money is made, through work. Then, go on to what they’ll be doing with their hard earned money.

teaching kids to save

Teaching About Spending

Spending money isn’t just about shopping. It’s important that children learn that bills and responsibilities come first, before fun and frivolous spending. This is where you will teach you child about having a checking account, writing checks, and about budgeting. A checking account gives them a place where they can put their money in order to use it. Read More