Teaching Your Children Safe, Smart Travel

With the holiday season coming up, we need to be aware of the dangers out there. As parents of young children planning a family holiday, this is especially true- but those of us with grown up children must also be vigilant. Traveling on one’s own, or with friends, is a wonderful experience for all young adults, and should be encouraged as often as possible- as long as the importance of smart travel is understood.


The Philippines, for instance, is an amazing country, dotted with beautiful beaches and exciting cities- but it’s also one that many travelers feel is unsafe, mostly due to reports of crimes and attacks on tourists. Recently making headlines, for example, was the violent rape of two Japanese tourists in Cebu City by South Korean men, in an act that brings to mind the mistreatment of the Japanese comfort women. The Koreans were charged with rape, as The Sunstar Cebu reports:

Rape complaints were filed Monday against two Korean nationals who allegedly raped two Japanese women last Saturday dawn, then left them to pay for the motel room bill. (Source)

The answer is not to avoid travel altogether, but to travel smart. Here are some tips to impart to your children.

  • Stay in a wholesome location. Before booking a room at a hotel, motel, or inn, do a bit of research; read reviews on TripAdvisor, and find out how the location is.
  • Know who to trust. Listen to your instincts; if someone seems shady, even if they’re supposed to be trustworthy- such as a worker at your hotel, or your driver- stay away.
  • Have important numbers with you. A little notebook in your bag or pocket with a list of emergency numbers is a good idea in case you lose your mobile phone.
  • Don’t get drunk. By all means, enjoy a few drinks at a local watering hole, but don’t get so drunk you lose control of yourself or your belongings. Not a wise thing to do in a foreign country.

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4 Jobs for New Parents

4 Jobs for New Parents

For many Americans, it’s just not possible to go without an income when there are children involved. Whether you really need two partner’s incomes to provide the best life for your family or you’re a single parent who needs the equivalent of a full-time income in order to give your children the life they deserve, there are options. You don’t necessarily have to have a nine to five setup in order to make ends more than meet. However, you do need some creativity.

There are many jobs and careers that are flexible enough to allow you to enjoy time with your children while still earning a respectable income. Here are a few ideas to get started. Depending on your skills, where you live and the amount of income necessary to thrive, some of these options may be better than others. It’s all about designing an income that works for you, too (and not just the other way around). Read more…

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Dealing with Underage DUI That Brings Desired Results

The one thing that can possibly be worse than underage drinking or taking drugs is underage DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol drinking or taking prohibited drugs can be very damaging to young people and adults alike. The risks doubles if drinking or taking drugs and driving is combined. These drivers eventually end up hurting themselves or others and destroying properties in the process. Either way, they would need to get the services of an excellent DUI defense lawyer to get them through their troubles. It is either that or they straighten themselves up before they get themselves into real trouble.

The Underage DUI Problem

Not a few parents  have had to deal with the problem of underage drinking or teenagers taking prohibited drugs right in their own homes. The problem is real not only because it affects the whole family but also other people who may be in harm’s way when a DUI teenager is holding the wheel. But it is never easy to bring up the subject with anyone, more so with a teenage kid who may interpret parents’ concern as a veiled way of establishing excessive control. Never the less, parents have the responsibility to talk with their children because no one else will care more to do so. The law will care but in an all-together different dimension than that of parents thus all efforts must be exerted to prevent or stop the practice early on.

What Happens to Underage Caught DUI

Any person under the age of 21 caught driving under the influence of alcohol or combination or alcohol and drugs will have their licenses suspended or revoked immediately. This should effectively prevent the driver from legally operating a motor vehicle until such revocation or suspension is set aside. The services of a good lawyer is necessary if there were properties destroyed , people hurt, or lost lives. Such morbid results can haunt a young driver for the rest of his life.

Dealing with Underage DUI

It is primarily up to the parents to make sure that their children will not reach this point. Here are some ways parents can effectively deal with underage drinking or drug-taking to prevent the deadly consequences of driving under the influence.

1. Talk with the concerned child. Do it using clear words so that the message is understood. Do it with empathy that shows that you understand what the teen is going through.

2. Explain the possible results of being caught under the influence. There is no need to exaggerate since the reality of accidents is real enough. Be upfront without resorting to scare tactics.

3. Guide your child. Know when to have your presence felt and when to step back. Be encouraging and never condescending.


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4 Ways to Teach Your Children about Social Awareness and Responsibility


As a parent, you are raising the next generation of policymakers, volunteer workers, charity organizers, and emergency aid helpers. You can guide your child as they learn about community responsibility and social issues, so that they can feel empowered to make a positive impact on the world. Here are a few family activities that can help your family tackle social issues in educational and inspiring ways.

Food Drives

Examine your local charity listings to learn about upcoming food drives. Organizations that often need aid include shelters for the homeless and emergency aid efforts during national disasters. Some grocery stores partner up with food banks so that you can quickly provide the needy with resources during your next shopping trip. Most of these efforts require non-perishable goods, such as canned soups, meats, and vegetables. Work with your children to pick up food and drop it off together at donation locations.

Community Clean Up

Litter at your local parks and beaches can become an eyesore for communities. Explore local cleanup options and get the entire family involved! Practice safe cleanup habits by using the right protective gear during your clean up efforts, such as reacher tools, gloves, and trash bags. Reward your children after these events with fun family activities, such as a barbeque.

Donating Belongings

What should you do when your children outgrow toys and supplies? Instead of leaving them for the garbage pickup, think about donating old belongings to local charities. Cribs, clothing, and toys can be extremely useful for parents with low-income backgrounds. Teach your children how to save belongings that are still in good condition. If they are old enough, bring your children along to donation sites so that they can give away their possessions.

Discussing the News

Once your children reach a certain age, they will start gaining a broader perspective of the world through online media and televised news. Turn this into a group activity and strengthen your family ties by discussing current political and social events. These discussions can help your children develop critical thinking and awareness skills.

Adults play a pivotal role in shaping the social awareness of younger generations. Parents, volunteer teachers abroad, and community leaders all contribute to climates of community responsibility and awareness. Get involved at the local, state, and international levels by exploring charity and volunteer efforts as a family.

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Teaching Kids to Save Energy the Fun Way

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Setting Mobile Limits for Your Children


Younger generations are completely immersed in technology. While many adults can recall childhoods without computers in the home, today’s children are surrounded by smartphones, PCs, and tablets. This digital culture is inescapable. While your children’s interest in gadgets can help them hone their tech skills, it can also take a toll on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Youngsters need to get a certain amount of physical exercise and sleep each day, and their mobile use could be negatively impacting these behaviors. Take a look at these ways to limit your children’s mobile tech use. Read more…

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When is the Right Time to Allow Children on Social Media?

Social media is so popular these days that even the youngsters have made it their favorite hangout. It is a very powerful tool and one that can impact a child positively or negatively.

With the many issues involving social networking sites in particular cyberbullying, however, parents are concerned over their influence on their young children. Some allow their kids to create accounts on the popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while the others think it’s better not to introduce social media until their child is much older and able to handle themselves well online.


The minimum age requirement for a child to join Facebook is 13. Many parents agree this is an ideal age during which a child is supposedly already responsible enough to behave properly online. But this is not always the case as some sensitive kids can easily get offended when they read negative comments from friends although they may not really be directed to them. Also, there are much younger kids who have created accounts on various social networking sites without their parents’ consent. Read more…

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The High Cost of Raising a Baby

Raising a child today is no joke. It’s a huge challenge that takes patience, knowledge and a lot of preparation particularly on the monetary side. Not many couples realize how expensive a new baby can be until they’re in the actual situation of raising their child after birth.


It’s a fact that having a new baby these days can cost so much the reason why couples bent on having their own child need to know what they’re potential expenses would be right from the start. From conceiving the child and that includes pre-natal care to hospitalization and birth, a couple is bound to spend thousands of dollars ranging from $1,500 to $5,000.

Take note, however, that this estimated cost is only for a healthy childbirth and short stay in the hospital. The expenses can still go up in other situations such as when the baby is born premature, the mother goes through caesarean section or when the mother quits her job. Read more…

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How I Got My 3-Year-Old to Love Veggies

banh miI grew up liking veggies, simply because my mom started with me and my sister at an early age. I think my tastebuds – not to mention my brain – got used to the idea that veggies were the normal food, as opposed to hotdogs and meat. Now that I have three sons, I have had different experiences with each one.

The eldest is a special child – in all senses of the word – and he will eat anything! In fact, because of his condition, my problem is to make sure he does not eat everything that he sees at the table.

The second is three years old, and for the longest time, he only wanted to eat hotdogs. He also loves noodles, but when he sees any signs of vegetables, he would pick them out and put them aside. Read more…

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How to Make Drawing a Family Bonding Time

A home with kids is always a busy abode. It’s full of energy and enthusiasm yet full of challenges at the same time.

One of the biggest challenges that parents often face is how to keep their small children entertained. With their short attention span, it can be tough keeping kids still for long periods of time.

family drawing activity

But if there’s one activity that can help parents in entertaining and educating their kids, it has to be drawing time. Kids are taught to scribble and draw while still toddlers and if they are taught how to do it right, there’s a great chance they can develop a deeper interest in drawing until they grow up. Who knows, they can even become future cartoonists or graphic designers.

These days, it’s not only paintings that get sold as artworks but also drawings. For example, drawings from Saatchi Art are sold online with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

A drawing activity at home can actually be made into a family bonding time. This is not hard to do especially if both parents get involve and encourage their kids to develop their drawing skill.

Here are some useful tips you can follow to ensure your little ones enjoy the art of drawing together with their mom and dad.

A Dedicated Space

Provide a dedicated area in your home where your kids can draw whenever they want. Make sure to provide the materials there as well so they get glued to that space right away and don’t go around looking for their things.

It’s a good idea to provide them with just a few materials for a start to avoid overwhelming them.

Set the Mood

Setting the mood for drawing is very important particularly for small children. It’s not enough that you just provide them with the space and materials. Being there when they start drawing will make them feel good.

Ask them what they want to draw and then offer tips on how to start their drawing. Parents can also suggest subjects that their kids like such as animals, space or place objects on the table for inspiration.

Do keep in mind, though, to keep your hands off when the kids are doing their artwork. You would not want to shift their focus while they’re engrossed in the activity so just let them draw on their own.

Schedule Drawing Time

As your kids develop their love for drawing, you may want to set a specific day and time for this activity. It can be a great family bonding moment that will make the little ones feel happy and proud of what they do.

This can be done on a weekend or you can even organize a drawing weekend session with your friends and their own kids.

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The Challenge of Raising Pets and Kids

Raising pets at home provides great benefits to family members. However, it’s also a big challenge at the same time on the part of parents particularly those who have kids to attend to.

Around the world today, numerous households own pets. Not surprising at all because having an animal in the home can surely make a family, couples without kids and even single people happy most of the time.

raising a pet with kids

When it comes to dogs, getting a puppy is the best option as it provides an opportunity to see the animal grow in your household and train it to want you want it to be. Parents might find it a struggle to keep up with the demands that come with raising a puppy or two but in the end, it will all be worth it.

The Benefits of Owning a Pet

Kids also benefit from having a puppy at home as it teaches them how to be responsible for their pet and how to be kind to animals. At a young age, they will know the ways to take care of an animal from feeding and bathing to playing with them.

It should be noted, however, that parental supervision is necessary when raising one or more puppies in the home. As puppies can be very active and restless just like a small child particularly during the weaning stage, they can climb into furniture and grab anything they can reach. They can also hurt kids when unattended the reason why they need to be closely supervised most of the time.

Another responsibility that parents must carry on is to teach their dogs certain skills as they grow. This task should not be given to small children although they can help mom and dad from time to time. Training dogs is very important so they don’t develop a bad behavior while in the company of humans and other dogs. Training should start early so you can make sure your dog will stay loyal and be your best friend until they grow old.

Feeding the dog, keeping them healthy and maintaining a safe environment in the home are added responsibilities that any pet owner must heed. These ensure that your pet stays fit in and out of the home, lives with you for a long time and gives you and your family the love and friendship you desire from a loyal pet.

It’s true that raising a dog can be therapeutic. They help in achieving peace, harmony and happiness in the home.

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