Kids and Computers: The Benefits and Threats

There is no doubt that times and technology have changed drastically within even the last 30 years. The first cell phone wasn’t even invented until 1973. That’s only 42 years, and the world has completely changed.

In other news, the first personal computer made its debut around the same time. The year was 1975, but it wasn’t until Steve Jobs and his friend came on the scene that the world really changed forever.

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Gifts That Keep on Giving: Ideas for Children During the Holiday Season

The Holiday is season is one that is no doubt convoluted in its true meaning. Though most can agree that the season is about love, being with those you cherish, and celebrating your faith, many get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, surrounding themselves with so much stress financially and socially, that they almost forget the meaning of the season in the first place.

Christmas gift giving

Come this holiday season, your children have probably already expressed their Christmas wish list desires to you and since many of them may still believe in Santa Claus, they have no barometer for understanding that their request just doesn’t fit into the budget this year. Read More

4 Good Ways To Expose Your Children To Art

Exposing your children to different kinds of art has been shown to give all sorts of benefits all around. Children get a greater sense of culture, find ways to express their own creativity, and in general get a broader view of the world when they constantly have a chance to see intrigue presented to them on an artistic level.


If you have a child and want to get some of this good vibe through the ether into their minds, then consider the four following ways, including having them read about some art history, taking them to art museums, buying them their own art supplies, and showing them how to use photo editing apps on their phones. Read More

3 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Drugs and Drug Use

Raising kids in this world can be challenging. There are so many things to worry about as parents and so many skills your child needs to know in order to have a happy and successful life once they leave your home. One thing you can teach them both by talking to them and by your example is about drugs, including illicit drug use and the proper use of prescription drugs. To help get these conversations started, here are three tips for talking to your kids about drugs.

Mother and daughter

Be In the Know Yourself

Before you can have a meaningful conversation about anything, you have to have a decent understanding of it, and that includes drugs. In a suggestion given by the U.S. government, parents should make it a priority to be aware of what certain drugs look like, what drug paraphernalia looks like, and what slang terms for certain drugs are. By knowing this before talking with your children, you can give them accurate information as well as look for signs that something may be amiss in your child’s perception of the drug culture. Read More

4 Tips To Make Your Yard Safe For Your Kids

As a parent, you always want to make sure that your yard is safe for your kids to play in. And this means you have to pay attention to a number of factors, including irritating flying pests, and then physical matters like what yard fertilizers are safe for kids to play around, or even the basic maintenance level of the things surrounding your property.

backyard with playground

So, consider these four following categories of tips to make your yard safe for your children, including keeping bees and mosquitos away, paying attention to chemical makeup of yard liquids, and proper fence maintenance. Read More

5 Difficult Decisions To Make As Parents

No one has ever said that being a parent is easy. If they have, that person is not a parent, and their own parents would probably laugh at them! And part of what makes parenting so difficult is some of the decisions that have to be made along the way with children, all the way from the time they are born through the time when they are adults and parents themselves.

Mother giving advice to teen

Five of the more difficult ones are listed below, just as considerations, and whether you have to make these decisions or not, or what side of the conversation you’re on, it’s important to prepare your minds and lives for the changes they bring. Read More

5 Ways To Save Money On Tech Gear for Your Kids

Let’s face it, parents – your kids are going to want expensive tech gear, and you’re going to feel like you have to buy it for them. All of their friends will have it, mainstream culture tells you that you have to get it for them, and, in a practical sense, a lot of tech is useful for educational purposes.

shopping for tech gear

But how can you save money on all of these tech things and still avoid going broke!? Well, the following are five tips that will help you save them money, and they’re with regard to coupons, renting, multi-purposing, learning the lingo, and making those little suckers pay for a few things themselves! Read More

5 Housecleaning Tips for Busy Parents

If it seems like you can either have a clean house or happy kids, but not both, simply because of the time involved, you’re not alone in those thoughts. Most parents feel entirely overworked, their kids are aggravated, and the house isn’t as clean as you want, all at the same time.


However, by following a few simple tips, you can decrease the amount of tension associated with the cleaning part of the triangle at least. For your consideration, five tips include getting those carpets cleaned up professionally, following a housekeeping system, using natural cleaners, setting up jobs for kids, and using air filters in dirty parts of the house. Read More

Top Three Expenses Of Parenthood

parenting duties

It’s expensive to raise a kid! With more young adults returning home after college, parents may end up taking care of their kids for twenty five years or more. Of course, it’s worth it. Isn’t it nice to see your kid happy after you buy them a new Xbox, or even to see their face glow as you watch them graduate college? You are the one who puts them in a position for success.

Still, with all that said, between food, hospital bills, and utilities, taking care of a child is probably the most expensive thing you will ever do. Where is all your money going? Here are the top three expenses of raising a child in America today. Read More

4 Great Kid-Friendly Vacations Internationally

Are you looking to take a family vacation? Hoping for a locale that will offer amenities for the young ones as well? Family vacations can be incredibly stressful if planned improperly or without sufficient entertainment for the kids. Find resorts that offer great options for parents and kids alike by shopping around before you go. Included here are a few of the best family-friendly vacations in the world.

welk resorts

Welk Resorts, California

Everybody loves a good visit to the sunshine coast, especially when complete with the finest comforts and amenities. Welk Resorts have built a name for themselves in the hospitality business by creating amenities that can appeal to kids and adults alike. Created by Lawrence Welk, he believed few things in life were more important than recreation and entertainment. Read More