Workout Routines Ideal for Moms

Are you a full-time mom raising a toddler or growing kid? Do you sometimes feel overworked? Do you also feel the need to exercise at least a few times each week?

Well, you’re not alone. Indeed parenting is such a tough job more so if you’re just starting a family. Any hands-on mom or dad can attest to this.

mom with carrier

Parenting requires not just a sound mind but most especially a fit body. It is only when you’re physically and emotionally healthy that you are able to take on the great responsibilities of raising a child into a useful and independent individual.

If you feel that you lack some exercise, take heart because unaware to you, there are already various daily chores that you do that help work out your body. Know what they are and what you can do more to allow you to do a little exercise.

Carrying an infant seat takes strength. In fact, by the time you leave the hospital after delivering your baby to this world, this is one of the first things you need to do. But did you know that you can do a little exercise when you lift an infant seat? You can do curls when you lift it from the bed with your baby on it, carry it to the car and put it on the car seat.

Carrying a baby using a sling infant carrier that wraps around your body helps in weight training. Imagine being able to carry your little one on the front, back or side whenever you have to go out for some errands or for a walk. Just make sure to straighten your back and maintain a good posture every time you do this so improve your back muscles.


For your legs, the best exercise is when you let your baby do an airplane or pony ride while lying on the bed. From a position of bended knees to lifting your lower legs up to swing your child, this workout will definitely strengthen your thigh and leg muscles.

Your legs are also doing some workout every time you pick up food or toys from the floor. You are actually doing some squats and stretching. You can improve on this routine by making sure you straighten your back and not slouch when squatting to pick up things on the floor.

There are many other tasks that actually work out your body — crawling around the house, pushing your baby on the swing and running to your baby when he or she screams. So don’t ever think that you lack exercise because you’re in good shape. Just be sure to eat well, too so you have the energy to take care of your bundle of joy.

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