Teach Your Kids to Give Back by Setting an Example

Being able to share the things we have with the less fortunate people, no matter how small, is always an admirable trait. Giving often results in a feeling of joy and appreciation to both the giver and the receiver. For many people, the sincere smile alone or simple thank you that they get from the receiver is enough to give them joy in their hearts that can last for a lifetime.


As parents, it is just fitting to start teaching kids to give back and help other people early in their life. And the best way to do this is by being a role model.

Kids easily pick up what they see their parents do and when they see you share things or give some money to those who have less in life, they absorb that. I say this from my own personal experience.

As a mom, I give coins to beggars I pass by on the sidewalks when I go downtown. This act, I’m glad, my 8-year-old daughter has picked up. Every time we stroll to the malls or go to church, she would be the first to tell me of the presence of a beggar or blind person within the vicinity. She would even remind me to prepare some coins and then I would let her give the coins to the person.

In their school, my daughter is also made aware of their responsibility to share what they have. Each year during Christmas time, they are encouraged to share their old clothes, books and toys to the underprivileged children including the orphans and victims of calamities.

Some important points you can teach kids about helping others are that one doesn’t need to have so much in order to give and share his things, that one does need to have or buy many things including the latest devices to be happy in life and that one need not throw his old stuff in the garbage because there are always other people in need.

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