More Fun Tips to Potty Train Your Toddler

Parents should not overlook the value of rewarding a child if you’d like your kid to successfully learn to pee or poo by himself. Don’t consider it a burden but instead, have fun on your own so your child won’t feel the pressure.

So what incentives can you give your child? Sweets should not be forgotten. How about giving your kid a bite sized chocolate or some M&M’s when he or she gets out of the bathroom? Other rewards that you can give although not on a daily basis can be a trip to the park or a lollipop.

Using the doll that drinks and wets can be effective as well. The idea is to let your little girl take care of the doll and let her see how it pees after drinking. You can teach your child the importance of using the toilet seat or potty chair to urinate or to poo.

If you have a daughter, you can also make her excited to potty train every day by letting her decorate her own toilet seat. The stickers are the easiest art tools you can use because your child can easily stick her favorites on the different parts of her potty seat.

Another tool you can use is a reward basket or bag of surprises. Gather or buy some cheap items you think your kid will love and put them in a bag or basket. Then every time your child succeeds in using the toilet, you can let him or her pick one surprise.

Finally, let your child bring his security or comfort item every time he uses his toilet seat. Many kids have a favorite item that give them the comfort they need such as a stuffed toy, a pillow or a small towel. Who knows, it may just help him or her move his bowels or urinate on his own.

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