Finding Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Atlanta


Kids in the Water at an Atlanta park

Once you’ve decided to move to Atlanta, the next thing to do is choose a neighborhood. Everyone wants a good neighborhood, but defining that term can take a bit more thinking. Of course you want an area that has low crime and charming local restaurants, but you’ll need to take your family’s lifestyle into consideration when searching for the perfect new home.

Here are some neighborhoods that are great for families with children. They offer plenty of family-friendly activities, easy access to public transportation and plenty of kid-friendly destinations within walking or biking distance.

Candler Park

This is one of the few neighborhoods in Atlanta that provides everything needed for daily living. Candler Park features 1920s Craftsman bungalows, many of which have been renovated. Excellent parks and a fun business district round out the offerings. If you want to go to an event outside the area, you’ll find that the local MARTA rail station is extra easy to reach.

Chastain Park

Excellent schools are just the beginning of what is offered in this high-end neighborhood. A horse park, tennis center, and 18-hole golf course ensure that adults won’t be bored here. Kids will likely enjoy the Northside Youth Organization, 320 acres of parks, five ball fields and the gym that includes a basketball court.

Garden Hills-Buckhead

This tight-knit community is perfect for those who enjoy being active in their neighborhood. Plenty of associations exist to help run and take care of neighborhood amenities. There are a few attractions for the overall neighborhood, one for its park and pool and one for its garden offerings. There are both public and private school options so there’s no need to worry about a lack in quality of education.

The City of Decatur

While technically not in Atlanta, this city is close enough to qualify for the list. It’s also highly recommended by many who live in the area. Just east of Atlanta, Decatur is treated as another neighborhoods by many residents. It has plenty of homes, schools, parks and other amenities that you would expect in a place that is an incorporated city in its own right. It’s also within easy commuting range from its larger cousin.

Rent or buy?

When moving to a new area, it’s often a good idea to rent a home before committing to a mortgage. Try finding Atlanta apartments┬áin the areas you think are the most interesting. Leasing an apartment will give you a great chance to experience the local amenities and events while leaving the option to move in a couple of years.

Once you’ve lived in one or more neighborhoods, you’ll be able to decide where you want to make your permanent home. You may find that your chosen area is perfect or you may decide that another area would be more convenient.

One thing to keep in mind is how your children’s needs will change as they grow up. An area with a great grade school, parks, and playgrounds is excellent for kids who are under 14, but won’t be too exciting for them once they enter high school. You may also find that the high school itself is better in the next neighborhood over. Therefore, reevaluate your family’s needs every couple years.

You should now have a good idea of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta and a few of the considerations you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect fit. The final thing to do is take a drive through each neighborhood and decide which one to try first. Soon you’ll be on your way to an apartment in the city and your new life.

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