Best Home Alarm System to Use Today

Having a burglar alarm system is one sure way of protecting your family and home. It is a must-have tool that many homeowners should invest in today.

If you live in the U.S., you should know that a burglary takes place every 15 seconds. In 2007 alone, nearly 2.2 million burglary incidents occurred with 67.9 percent of them taking place at home during the day.

Home alarm systems these days are more advanced. Basically, there are two types – the wired and the wireless. Both are very reliable as long as they’re installed properly.

Wireless System

The wireless type normally utilizes a battery and it works by transmitting a radio signal to the main control unit in order to trigger an alarm and contact the security company or the police.

To make full use of this battery-operated system, it needs to be recharged every time. Most batteries can only provide power up to 24 hours.

There’s an exception, though, when you use a back-up battery. With a back-up battery, you may not need to recharge manually as it will automatically recharge when power is regained.

Wired System

This type requires a closed electrical circuit that when interfered will set off an alarm. It is a less expensive option and needs to be installed by a professional.

According to the experts, the best alarm system is one that features a wireless connection and allows for interactive monitoring. With the wireless type, there’s no risk of telephone lines being cut or the internet going down. It should be noted, however, that the most important wireless connection in a system is one between the control panel and the monitoring station and not just between the control panel and in-home sensors.

The problem with a wireless connection only between a control panel and sensors is that a burglar may be able to disable your home’s internet access and thereby, your entire alarm system as well. Similarly, a wired connection to the monitoring station with the control panel not having any cellular device has also a risk of failing.

With a wireless home alarm system, homeowners can also monitor the activities in their homes any time through the internet, your mobile phone or your tablet. A user can even sign up other family members or friends to ensure that many are able to oversee any activity in the house and are alerted of any signs of burglary.

Finally, consider a warranty for your system. A reliable security company such as Safe Sound Family should be able to provide lifetime equipment warranty.

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