How to Create the Ideal Bedroom for Children

Kids will spend a considerable amount of time in their bedrooms so it is important that their rooms are designed in such a way that will prove to be beneficial for them. Aside from motivating them to clean up after themselves, their bedrooms are the best places for them to learn and recuperate. However, some parents are unsure of how to design their child’s bedroom so without further ado, here are some tips for creating your child’s ideal bedroom.


Colors play a large part in how a room turns out so make sure you pick the right one. Hues of blue are said to promote relaxation so you may use sky blue or lavender for your child’s bedroom. You must choose a color that is soft enough for a child but isn’t too reminiscent of infancy. After all, your kids will grow up faster than you think. You may use prints to give the room some depth, but keep the color scheme in mind at all times. You don’t have to stick to one color for the entire room and you’re free to mix and match what you think works or what your child might want. The same goes for window treatments. If you’re going to use curtains or blinds, make sure the colors are at least complementary. You could even opt to use window film if you don’t want to use traditional window treatments but make sure that the film you choose keeps heat out.

Toys & Decoration

Don’t skimp on the toys. You can use toys as accent pieces or décor and help your child’s bedroom look cheerful while helping them develop their minds. Have toys all over the room in an organized fashion and don’t forget to include some educational toys along with the trucks and dolls. Doing so could even assist with making your child associate learning with leisure.


If your child is of an age where he or she has strong opinions regarding what they like, try to choose the furniture yourself. That car bed might seem like a good idea now but your son won’t think so in a few years when he gets older and taller. Well-picked furniture can also be reused around the house when your child moves out or goes away to college. You don’t have to get boring pieces but make sure they’re not cartoon-themed, either.


Use appropriate fabrics for the bedding and curtains. This isn’t limited to color and pattern but texture as well. Mix and match however you see fit and since they’re temporary, you can give in to your child’s requests for matching Spiderman or Sesame Street bedding and curtains.

The ceiling

Use the ceiling to your advantage. Create a galaxy or have someone paint it to give your child something nice to look at before going to sleep. If you’re lucky, they’ll put themselves to bed before you do.


With a nice compromise between you and your little one, you can give them the bedroom they’ve always dreamed of.


Tammie Braunson is a professional blogger that shares the latest on architectural decorative glass. She writes for Imaging Sciences, a top company for producing architectural decorative glass panels. 

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Family Vacations: Make the Most of Your Time and Money

I’ve learned to value two things when it comes to planning family vacations: time and money. Kids are only kids once. The time when they’re young is precious and the best way to use it is to make the most of our experiences.

We want to provide the greatest vacations possible, but we too often associate the word “vacation” with “expensive.” To get the best experiences for your money, you have to know where to go. Time and research have taught me that sometimes the best place is the one that breaks the obvious vacation mold of Disneyland or a cruise.

By choosing less-known destinations, you can get more for your money. You’ll also deal with fewer crowds and have a more unique experience. The national parks and forests are among the best places to have this kind of experience.

These budget-friendly destinations combine enjoyable experiences with affordability. Here are some top picks for this year’s family trip.

The Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee are home to beautiful valleys, streams, waterfalls, and of course the mountains. Picturesque views can be savored by hiking, horseback riding, biking, or riding the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad.

Two nearby cities, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, are home to unique attractions, such as Ripley’s Aquarium—the top aquarium in the U.S., WonderWorks—an upside-down building filled with sights and activities, and The Tomb Adventure—a pyramid-themed building that challenges you to solve problems in order to escape from Pharaoh’s tomb. Read more…

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3 Things Parents Should Teach Their Children About Handling Pets

If you are a long-time pet owner who is expecting a child or are considering having a pet around the kids, there are some changes that must be made. While there are some families that find success with the simple act of introducing one to the other, most other families must teach the young ones how to best deal with their furry friends. Here are some of the most important things you must impart to your children when it comes to handling pets. Read more…

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Parental Control in These Modern Times

The modern times have changed the parenting landscape to a large extent especially in the matter of controlling our children for their own protection. During the early times, the danger posed on children is often thought to be lurking outside the home. The computer age has completely changed that notion from the time that contact to the outside world was made possible through the Internet.

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Points of Contention

There are many points of contention between parents and children when it becomes to online activity. The two main issues however are the time and content elements. Children seem to be spending more and more time online, too much actually for their own good. They also tend to be very curious and thus will most probably be landing on websites which they shouldn’t be visiting at all. Read more…

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Is It Possible to be a Successful Writer and Mother at the Same Time?

Is it possible to be a successful writer and mother at the same time? For purposes of this article, let us refer to a home-based writing job since a writing  job that requires a mother to report to an office may not be a lot different from the other careers in relation to motherhood. Now that it has been made clear, let us look into the possibilities that await a mother who desires to be a successful writer as well.

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Multitasking and Dual Duties

A home-based writer/mother has more opportunities to multitask and perform her dual duties since they can both be done at home. Without concerns about commuting to and from work, there is more time left to write and attend to the needs of the children. Also, role shifting is easily done as the need arises. Read more…

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Tutoring Our Own Children and Why It Isn’t Always a Good Idea

When parents take the time and effort to tutor their kids, it is seen as something many would do to support their children. It is essentially a positive thing that can easily turn negative. Here are some reasons why tutoring our own children isn’t always a good idea.

Read more…

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Family New Year’s Resolutions: Being Better Together

Almost everybody has made at least one New Year’s resolution in his or her life. It is not common to hear about family New Year’s resolutions probably because it is hard enough to seek improvement for one’s self. Imagine the effort in doing it together with all the other members of the family. One way to look at it positively is the possibility that one family can function better as a group through individual and common efforts to actually get better together.

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Guiding Children to Develop Their Own Fashion Sense

Parents need not have modeling dreams for their children to care about guiding their children about fashion. Each child will develop his or her own fashion sense, sooner or later. Parents can lead them towards that by providing sensible guidance towards that development. This guidance of course will have to be tempered by respect for a child’s individuality.

Read more…

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Do We Tell Our Kids the Truth About Santa?

For many parents who have allowed their children to believe in Santa Claus from the time they were able to conceive his connection with Christmas, concerns about the truth may arise as children grow up. Growing up kids are equivalent to unending questions that would tend to test the veracity of the existence of the jolly man in red. The truth about Santa is not much of a concern for children who did not grow up with the belief but rather those who have treasured memories of the man who leaves gifts for children on Christmas Eve.

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The Accepted Truth

In the adult world, Santa Claus come in the form of dads or any male figure bearing gifts primarily for the benefit of children. Although there appears to be some historical connections of how such a character came to be, the Santa that we now know is not exactly a precise manifestation. Never the less, many parents allow and encourage belief in Santa Claus to continue a tradition that has been started a long time ago.

This perpetuates a belief that not all are in agreement with. With respect to all kinds of belief with regards to the existence of Santa, we have to acknowledge that Santa and what he represents bring cheers to many people, children and adults alike. So many of us, including myself, chose the path towards Santa with our kids, in spite of knowing the “truth”.

Telling the Kids

Do we tell our kids the truth about Santa Claus? When do we do it? Why will we do it?

Personally, I don’t see any reason to rock the boat and declare one Christmas Day to our kids that there is no Santa Claus. In time, they will discover for themselves what the truth is. Like us who have gone before them, they will discover and will take it matter-of-factly so there is no pressing reason to destroy the belief right now.

Now, parents should know when their children are going overboard with the belief in Santa Claus and guide them along the way. Santa may not be real but the joy he brings to children is real enough and that is good enough for me. Will I tell my youngest kid the truth about Santa? Not just yet. Let her enjoy her Christmas as a child as I did mine.


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5 Steps To Building A Fast Pine Car — Without Breaking The Rules

Pinewood Derby Cars

The Pinewood Derby is an annual Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Cub Scout event in which kids build and race pine cars. Every year, Cub Scouts — with some help from their families — assemble pine cars from scratch. And though participating itself is fun, winning races earns them a trophy, bragging rights and a huge sense of accomplishment. Read more…

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