3 Tips for Introducing Your Children to Fine Art

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When having children, you experience a refreshed viewpoint of the world. While it is easy for adults to become cynical or distanced from the wonder of life, children see everything for the first time and are amazed. The joy a child experiences over every new thing, from their first taste of ice cream to their first trip to a museum can cause some of the most cynical adults to be renewed.

Museums are the kind of reverential places many children find amazing and intriguing. They are exposed to brilliant new colors in paint, abnormal shapes in sculpture, and portraits of people like Grandma and Grandpa in charcoal. Places like Park West Gallery can quickly become a favorite destination among children as they learn to create at home and mimic artists. Read More

Time Apart, Separation, and Divorce: How It Affects Children


The modern world can be a confusing place for both parents and children with respect to current social norms. And the harder that people try to traditionalize things, or the more they look to the past for answers, the more confused it all gets. Because time marches on, technology changes, the way the world interacts through communication changes, and how all of this connectedness and disconnectedness plays out is something that people can only guess.

But, when it comes to parents having issues and require time apart, trial separation, or even potentially divorce, it’s important to consider what kind of an impact that’s going to have on children. So think of the following if you or someone you know is in that situation. Read More

Five Ways To Add More Culture Into Your Child’s Life

When it comes to being a parent you want to give your child everything they need, from raising them right to making sure that they have everything they want. You want them to be respectable, you want them to be knowledgeable, but in order to do all of that you need to work to raise a well rounded child.

Raising a well rounded child also has something to do with their experiences. A child that spends most of their time at home, playing games, will be less social. If you want your child to learn history, art, culture, and be more social, here are some ways to add more culture to their lives that will help with just that.

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How To Win At Parenting

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There are different things that go into being a great parent. Maybe you have done a lot to educate your child, you’ve made sure they know what it means to eat healthy, and they have a special love for reading. Those are definitely some signs of good parenting skills.

However, just being a good parent doesn’t necessarily mean that you are winning at it. If you spend most of your time hearing your child say they hate you, or arguing with them, you may not be winning so much. However, here are some things that can help you win at parenting. Read More

Thinking About Building A House? Here’s What You Need to Do


Do you buy? Do you build? Do you rent? These are the questions that face the individual, couple, or family looking for a new home. Each has perks and downfalls. It also depends on the market, where you live, and what’s available. Buying a home that has been around for a while might have a certain appeal to some. There is charm in older homes that can’t be recreated in newer ones. But often, older homes come with maintenance issues and renovation needs to be done to give the whole of the property a facelift. Read More

A Parental Approach To Addiction In Children

One of the hardest things for a parent to handle is if their child somehow gets caught in an addictive cycle. This can be about food, alcohol, sex, drugs, or many other types of behaviors, but the results are always going to be this sense of tension about what is best for the child, and what is best for the adults involved.

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When it comes to your parental approach to the matter, a few things to consider might be treatment during adolescence, what to do about grown children with addictions, considering the legal implications of trouble relating to addiction, getting psychological help early for your kids, and keeping updated with modern research, methods, and techniques as related to addiction. Read More

5 Alternative Destinations For Family Trips

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There are always going to be the typical destinations for family trips and vacations. There are classics like Disneyland and Disney World. There are the family camping trips in the big trailers with the modern conveniences. There are the trips to the National Parks, and maybe the endeavor down to a theme park like Sea World, or in the Midwest there’s Cedar Point.

But what about alternative types of vacations? What about trips that do something a bit different, that satisfy a unique part of the desire to go somewhere new or see something different? Or maybe even doing something active, or historically important in the greater context of things? Read More

Ways to Make Your Likelihood of Getting Pregnant Easier

Pregnancy never seems to happen at a good time. A couple is either trying to conceive for months and months before they have success, or it happens out of the blue to a couple who isn’t even thinking about having children.


To those who are having a hard time conceiving, it becomes salt in a wound every time you see that somebody else you know is expecting, especially when it seems like they didn’t even want the baby in the first place. If you’re facing infertility issues, you’ve probably researched a lot of options, but here are some ways to make your likelihood of getting pregnant easier: Read More

Smart Parenting Means Smart Landscaping


If you’re a parent and have a home with a yard, then you know that there are plenty of ways that your kids can get into situations with your surrounding landscaping. There are things that can break, things to trip over, branches with thorns, bushes that have tasty-looking berries that will still make you sick, and a host of other things just waiting to become altercations with your children.

So, five aspects of your lawn to pay attention to might include organic lawn care, injury-free decorations and ornamentation, being smart about watering systems, planting non-poisonous bushes and shrubs, and using easy-to-trim designs to keep your workload down during the growing months. Read More

Military Relationships: Situations and Complications

nyone who is either in the military or has been in a relationship with someone in the military knows that it’s a special kind of issue to deal with. Not only are there extra legal complications with official relationships like marriage, there are also additional stress factors like the need to move, psychological issues with deployment, urban legends to deal with, the necessity of dealing with military statistics.


So if you’re a part of this condition, it’s good to know about military divorce, how money for spouses works, how to find help and counseling, what those urban legends are, and what statistics to be aware of. Read More