The High Cost of Raising a Baby

Raising a child today is no joke. It’s a huge challenge that takes patience, knowledge and a lot of preparation particularly on the monetary side. Not many couples realize how expensive a new baby can be until they’re in the actual situation of raising their child after birth.


It’s a fact that having a new baby these days can cost so much the reason why couples bent on having their own child need to know what they’re potential expenses would be right from the start. From conceiving the child and that includes pre-natal care to hospitalization and birth, a couple is bound to spend thousands of dollars ranging from $1,500 to $5,000.

Take note, however, that this estimated cost is only for a healthy childbirth and short stay in the hospital. The expenses can still go up in other situations such as when the baby is born premature, the mother goes through caesarean section or when the mother quits her job. Read more…

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How I Got My 3-Year-Old to Love Veggies

banh miI grew up liking veggies, simply because my mom started with me and my sister at an early age. I think my tastebuds – not to mention my brain – got used to the idea that veggies were the normal food, as opposed to hotdogs and meat. Now that I have three sons, I have had different experiences with each one.

The eldest is a special child – in all senses of the word – and he will eat anything! In fact, because of his condition, my problem is to make sure he does not eat everything that he sees at the table.

The second is three years old, and for the longest time, he only wanted to eat hotdogs. He also loves noodles, but when he sees any signs of vegetables, he would pick them out and put them aside. Read more…

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How to Make Drawing a Family Bonding Time

A home with kids is always a busy abode. It’s full of energy and enthusiasm yet full of challenges at the same time.

One of the biggest challenges that parents often face is how to keep their small children entertained. With their short attention span, it can be tough keeping kids still for long periods of time.

family drawing activity

But if there’s one activity that can help parents in entertaining and educating their kids, it has to be drawing time. Kids are taught to scribble and draw while still toddlers and if they are taught how to do it right, there’s a great chance they can develop a deeper interest in drawing until they grow up. Who knows, they can even become future cartoonists or graphic designers.

These days, it’s not only paintings that get sold as artworks but also drawings. For example, drawings from Saatchi Art are sold online with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

A drawing activity at home can actually be made into a family bonding time. This is not hard to do especially if both parents get involve and encourage their kids to develop their drawing skill.

Here are some useful tips you can follow to ensure your little ones enjoy the art of drawing together with their mom and dad.

A Dedicated Space

Provide a dedicated area in your home where your kids can draw whenever they want. Make sure to provide the materials there as well so they get glued to that space right away and don’t go around looking for their things.

It’s a good idea to provide them with just a few materials for a start to avoid overwhelming them.

Set the Mood

Setting the mood for drawing is very important particularly for small children. It’s not enough that you just provide them with the space and materials. Being there when they start drawing will make them feel good.

Ask them what they want to draw and then offer tips on how to start their drawing. Parents can also suggest subjects that their kids like such as animals, space or place objects on the table for inspiration.

Do keep in mind, though, to keep your hands off when the kids are doing their artwork. You would not want to shift their focus while they’re engrossed in the activity so just let them draw on their own.

Schedule Drawing Time

As your kids develop their love for drawing, you may want to set a specific day and time for this activity. It can be a great family bonding moment that will make the little ones feel happy and proud of what they do.

This can be done on a weekend or you can even organize a drawing weekend session with your friends and their own kids.

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The Challenge of Raising Pets and Kids

Raising pets at home provides great benefits to family members. However, it’s also a big challenge at the same time on the part of parents particularly those who have kids to attend to.

Around the world today, numerous households own pets. Not surprising at all because having an animal in the home can surely make a family, couples without kids and even single people happy most of the time.

raising a pet with kids

When it comes to dogs, getting a puppy is the best option as it provides an opportunity to see the animal grow in your household and train it to want you want it to be. Parents might find it a struggle to keep up with the demands that come with raising a puppy or two but in the end, it will all be worth it.

The Benefits of Owning a Pet

Kids also benefit from having a puppy at home as it teaches them how to be responsible for their pet and how to be kind to animals. At a young age, they will know the ways to take care of an animal from feeding and bathing to playing with them.

It should be noted, however, that parental supervision is necessary when raising one or more puppies in the home. As puppies can be very active and restless just like a small child particularly during the weaning stage, they can climb into furniture and grab anything they can reach. They can also hurt kids when unattended the reason why they need to be closely supervised most of the time.

Another responsibility that parents must carry on is to teach their dogs certain skills as they grow. This task should not be given to small children although they can help mom and dad from time to time. Training dogs is very important so they don’t develop a bad behavior while in the company of humans and other dogs. Training should start early so you can make sure your dog will stay loyal and be your best friend until they grow old.

Feeding the dog, keeping them healthy and maintaining a safe environment in the home are added responsibilities that any pet owner must heed. These ensure that your pet stays fit in and out of the home, lives with you for a long time and gives you and your family the love and friendship you desire from a loyal pet.

It’s true that raising a dog can be therapeutic. They help in achieving peace, harmony and happiness in the home.

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5 Best Educational Board Games for the Family

Board games have been around for a long time and they have brought fun entertainment to kids, adults and families. When asked about the best or perhaps the most popular board game, many would surely pop on your mind such as the Monopoly, Sorry and Life among others.

It’s a fact that the traditional board games for adults and kids are still around but many have also been introduced in the market. But it’s not all about edging out the old ones because the benefit here is that people now have more choices when it comes to selecting the form of entertainment they prefer.

Games played using a board and pieces vary in the number and ages of players, themes and time allowed. Some require only two players while the others can be played by two or more people.



Blokus is an abstract strategy game that uses colored pieces in the shape of a Tetris. The goal is for all players to use all their pieces to the board but only touching corners of the colors assigned to them. Read more…

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Teaching History in Modern Day Elementary Schools

If you have seen Jay Leno’s television segment titled Jaywalking, you know the purpose is to ask random people on the street basic questions. You have probably noticed that this segment tends to poke fun at people’s ignorance. On a recent episode, individuals were asked simple history questions such as, “What ship carried the Pilgrims to America?”. Sadly, there were far too many individuals who didn’t know the answers. Members of the audience find this lack of knowledge hysterical, leaving many to wonder if it’s comical because they also don’t know the correct answer. Read more…

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5 Parenting Blogs I Actually Read

Parenting is probably one of the most exhausted topics tackled in blogs. It might be the natural course to take for many since if there is a 10:100 odds of several bloggers being engaged in the same profession, the odds that they may all be parents is about 80:100. It is much easier to talk, or more so to blog about something you have actual knowledge of. Experience tells us however that there are some blogs that make more sense than others. Some simply talk of things we can readily identify with, reaching out not only to our minds but to our hearts as well.

Here are 5 Parenting Blogs I actually read. Some have been recommended by friends while some I found through a blog portal.

Nature Moms Blog

This blog tackles health and wellness which are both natural concerns of every parent. What sets it apart from the rest is its dedication to the topic of sustainability. Articles are well-written and easy to understand.

Huffpost Parents

This blog offers a healthy selection of daily good reads. Aside from articles written by its regular writers, it also  accepts articles from contributors and partners. This ensures a varied collection of topics to choose from.

Ludwig Photography

Alright, I admit I don’t do much reading in this blog. The photos contained in this blog send a message of their own that each is worth their equivalent in words. Simply incredible, enough said.

On Parenting

This is like reading news while updating on information about child care and parenting, thereby satisfying my daily desire to have a daily dose of both. I particularly like its no-nonsense articles that are often imbued with just the right amount of personality from its multiple authors. The blog contents are very helpful in so many ways.



how to promote a social media contest

I have not been reading this blog for very long but I find it entertaining, genuine, and useful. Her two kids figure a lot in her posts which is how it is in my personal blog. Truth be told, I can identify with most of her topics in spite of the cultural differences.

I read several other blogs as I believe a parent can never have enough of good resources. We just need to choose those blogs that resonate with us. I expect to be adding more to my list any time soon.

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Help Your Child Cope With Your Divorce

It is very easy and common for estranged spouses to be so caught up with their own divorce woes and forget about their children’s feelings. In a very unfortunate family event like divorce, children will almost always have no say on the matter and yet they can be the most affected. Seeing two people they look up to going their separate ways and probably tearing each other apart can be one of the most traumatic experiences in their young lives. There is no question that a child would need help to cope with the realities of divorcing parents .

Image Source

Acknowledge the Pain

Difficult as it may be, the divorcing parents should be looking out for their children as well especially during the most trying times. If you are in the process of divorcing your spouse and you think you have been dealt the worst deal, think again. There is someone hurting more than you are and that is most probably your child.

Talk with you child in a way he or she can understand and acknowledge the pain. It may not be expressed as clearly as the child wants to but it is real. Crying is not the only manifestation of pain. Often times, it is the child’s silence which is more difficult to interpret.

Do Not Add Confusion to the Pain

Divorcing parents should resist every opportunity to badmouth each other most especially in front of the children. The personal issues of parents simultaneously sounded off to their children may just be too much to handle at a certain point. Parents should try to keep the divorce proceedings in a civil level.

Children however have to be protected adequately if they are at the risk of any harm from any parent. If there is reason to believe that children must be forewarned of any possible danger, then it needs to be done. Of course, there is no room for exaggeration and false accusations which can only further confuse an already emotionally hurting child.

Live Life

When all the legal proceedings have been done with, the only thing left to do is to live life. You have made your decision to divorce your spouse but life goes on for you, your estranged spouse, and your children. Presumably, you have come up with arrangements about custody, visiting rights, and all that stuff so everybody is expected to be moving within the parameters of these arrangements.

That takes care of the legal aspect but you still have the more personal challenge of living life on a daily basis after divorce. Your children will probably have many questions in their minds that will come out many days, months or years after. Remember this, you may no longer be a wife or husband to your spouse but you remain a parent to your child even after divorce, so be one.

About the Author:

Sara Angle is a professional blogger that shares tips and information about the divorce process. She writes for Widrig Law PLLC, a top divorce law firm in Nashville TN.

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How to Create the Ideal Bedroom for Children

Kids will spend a considerable amount of time in their bedrooms so it is important that their rooms are designed in such a way that will prove to be beneficial for them. Aside from motivating them to clean up after themselves, their bedrooms are the best places for them to learn and recuperate. However, some parents are unsure of how to design their child’s bedroom so without further ado, here are some tips for creating your child’s ideal bedroom.


Colors play a large part in how a room turns out so make sure you pick the right one. Hues of blue are said to promote relaxation so you may use sky blue or lavender for your child’s bedroom. You must choose a color that is soft enough for a child but isn’t too reminiscent of infancy. After all, your kids will grow up faster than you think. You may use prints to give the room some depth, but keep the color scheme in mind at all times. You don’t have to stick to one color for the entire room and you’re free to mix and match what you think works or what your child might want. The same goes for window treatments. If you’re going to use curtains or blinds, make sure the colors are at least complementary. You could even opt to use window film if you don’t want to use traditional window treatments but make sure that the film you choose keeps heat out.

Toys & Decoration

Don’t skimp on the toys. You can use toys as accent pieces or décor and help your child’s bedroom look cheerful while helping them develop their minds. Have toys all over the room in an organized fashion and don’t forget to include some educational toys along with the trucks and dolls. Doing so could even assist with making your child associate learning with leisure.


If your child is of an age where he or she has strong opinions regarding what they like, try to choose the furniture yourself. That car bed might seem like a good idea now but your son won’t think so in a few years when he gets older and taller. Well-picked furniture can also be reused around the house when your child moves out or goes away to college. You don’t have to get boring pieces but make sure they’re not cartoon-themed, either.


Use appropriate fabrics for the bedding and curtains. This isn’t limited to color and pattern but texture as well. Mix and match however you see fit and since they’re temporary, you can give in to your child’s requests for matching Spiderman or Sesame Street bedding and curtains.

The ceiling

Use the ceiling to your advantage. Create a galaxy or have someone paint it to give your child something nice to look at before going to sleep. If you’re lucky, they’ll put themselves to bed before you do.


With a nice compromise between you and your little one, you can give them the bedroom they’ve always dreamed of.


Tammie Braunson is a professional blogger that shares the latest on architectural decorative glass. She writes for Imaging Sciences, a top company for producing architectural decorative glass panels. 

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Family Vacations: Make the Most of Your Time and Money

I’ve learned to value two things when it comes to planning family vacations: time and money. Kids are only kids once. The time when they’re young is precious and the best way to use it is to make the most of our experiences.

We want to provide the greatest vacations possible, but we too often associate the word “vacation” with “expensive.” To get the best experiences for your money, you have to know where to go. Time and research have taught me that sometimes the best place is the one that breaks the obvious vacation mold of Disneyland or a cruise.

By choosing less-known destinations, you can get more for your money. You’ll also deal with fewer crowds and have a more unique experience. The national parks and forests are among the best places to have this kind of experience.

These budget-friendly destinations combine enjoyable experiences with affordability. Here are some top picks for this year’s family trip.

The Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee are home to beautiful valleys, streams, waterfalls, and of course the mountains. Picturesque views can be savored by hiking, horseback riding, biking, or riding the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad.

Two nearby cities, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, are home to unique attractions, such as Ripley’s Aquarium—the top aquarium in the U.S., WonderWorks—an upside-down building filled with sights and activities, and The Tomb Adventure—a pyramid-themed building that challenges you to solve problems in order to escape from Pharaoh’s tomb. Read more…

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