3 Things to Do When You Suspect Your Child is Using

With nearly two million youth aged 12-17 using drugs or alcohol each day, it has become a prevalent problem within the United States. Many parents find themselves scrambling to know what to do upon suspecting alcohol or substance abuse at home. Finding a good way to go about dealing with the problem can help your addict on the road to recovery and ease the parental stress of it. Included here are a few things to do when you suspect your child is using.

teen drinking

Prepare Yourself

While you know it is important to confront your child about their habits, doing so with the wrong mindset can just lead to a blow-up. You are likely feeling personal guilt or shame as a parent that you need to first deal with. Acknowledge that your child is the one who got themselves into the scenario, it is not a result of you being a bad parent. Mentally decide what you need to talk about and deal with before you enter the conversation and emotions run high. Read More

5 Tips For Keeping a Child-safe Home In Order

child safety in the kitchen

As a parent, your first priority is always going to be child safety. And because your child is going to be running around your home, that’s where you should always start. And since, especially after a certain age, you’re not always going to be in eyesight, you have to have your home in safe mode in places you can’t see.

So, what are some ways that you can set up a system of consistent safety? Consider the following five methods, regarding researching other homes, having a cleaning system, keeping up on child safety news, running your kids through safety drills, and doing regular checks on safety gear. Read More

Types of Support Separated Parents Should Provide Their Child

When parents separate, the children are also most affected. As such, it is a must for both parents to continue to provide support to their kids. This way, the children grow up knowing that they can still count on their mom or dad despite the fact that they no longer live together.

parents discussing child support

Child support or child maintenance (as referred to in the U.K.) is necessary when parents decide to go their separate ways. It is a legal responsibility that will help a child in meeting his or her basic daily needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Also, it will encourage both parents to get involved with the lives of their kids as they are growing. Read More

5 Pieces of Fitness Equipment Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

Everyone knows that a big part of living a healthy life is fitness, and that is definitely something that you’re going to want for your family. When you imagine your family in a group photo, you probably want to see them as all smiling, healthy, and fit!


So what are some pieces of equipment that you can keep at your home that everyone can use? Especially considering that each one of these is going to be a bit of an investment, it makes sense that they are household items, in the end, and they fit in the categories of training bags, treadmills, weight benches, balance boards, and yoga mats. Read More

5 Tips for Staying Healthy During Pregnancy


Pregnancy presents a multitude of challenges for soon-to-be mothers. You are faced with a changing body, changing health and huge impending life changes. Facing motherhood can not only take a toll on your mental health, but also on your physical health. While a loving support system can help ease the stress and worry, you can take steps to make your daily physical transition easier; not to mention, many of these tips have been said to make labor easier. Included here are a few tips for staying healthy during your pregnancy. Read More

Smart Parenting for Health and Fiscal Responsibility

Smart parenting can be a bit of a touchy subject these days, with everything in society changing so fast that life is becoming a blur, and kids from one generation are so different from kids in another.


However, with that said, there are still some parenting techniques that can be considered ‘smart’ in a general sense, and those can exist in the categories of making sure to keep utility bills in order, putting money in banks wisely, remembering that health is a long-term nutritional investment, avoiding credit and loan traps, and learning from your own parents’ successes and failures. Read More

Tips For Buying Your Teen Their First Car

While you may have raised your teenager to work and save money to buy their own car, it’s still fairly likely that you’ll go with them when they shop for that first vehicle. That means you want to know how to make sure they are getting a good deal and a good vehicle. You also want to make sure that they aren’t buying something just because it is cool.

Dad buying a car for teen son

There are a few things to consider when it comes to a teens first vehicle. You want to do some research on the vehicles they may be interested in, ahead of time. Read More

Creating The Perfect Nursery For Your New Baby

If you have a new baby entering your family you have a lot of work ahead of you, even before the baby arrives. Not only do you need to be prepared with baby diapers and doctor’s appointments, but you also need to have space set up for baby to live in. While you may start out with a bassinet in your own room, sooner or later baby will move into their own room and it helps to have to set up before you are too busy with that little bundle of joy in your arms.

woman preparing nursery

You need to make sure that your nursery is a safe place and that it has everything you need to make sure that baby is safe and comfortable. Here are some things you may want to have to make it that way. Read More

Kids and Computers: The Benefits and Threats

There is no doubt that times and technology have changed drastically within even the last 30 years. The first cell phone wasn’t even invented until 1973. That’s only 42 years, and the world has completely changed.

In other news, the first personal computer made its debut around the same time. The year was 1975, but it wasn’t until Steve Jobs and his friend came on the scene that the world really changed forever.

Read More

Gifts That Keep on Giving: Ideas for Children During the Holiday Season

The Holiday is season is one that is no doubt convoluted in its true meaning. Though most can agree that the season is about love, being with those you cherish, and celebrating your faith, many get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, surrounding themselves with so much stress financially and socially, that they almost forget the meaning of the season in the first place.

Christmas gift giving

Come this holiday season, your children have probably already expressed their Christmas wish list desires to you and since many of them may still believe in Santa Claus, they have no barometer for understanding that their request just doesn’t fit into the budget this year. Read More