Encouraging Creativity in Your Children

Public schools across the country are finding their arts and music programs cut due to budgetary problems. While art classes are the first to go when money is tight, this might not be best for children. Art actually offers many benefits in childhood development, and these benefits follow children into adulthood. Failing to foster creativity in children is ignoring some of the most important parts of their development.

Fortunately, school isn’t the only place your child can express his or her creativity. If you encourage artistic expression at home, your child will be able to develop important skills for his or her future. Confidence, diligence, and thinking outside of the box are just a few of the skills children develop from making art. Art also helps express feelings which may be difficult to be put into words. When you create an environment where your child feels safe and supported expressing herself creatively, you’re teaching her that her emotional world is important.

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If you’re not artistically inclined yourself, it can be difficult to think of how to encourage your children to make art. What are some ways you can help your child creatively? Read More

Who is Liable When Your Kid Gets Hurt in a Park Playground?


Parks and playgrounds will always have an important role in a child’s life. They are places where great childhood memories are created. For parents, these open spaces also hold a special place in their hearts.

But sometimes, though, the unexpected can happen when you least expect it. A child can get hurt while playing at the park’s playground whether by himself or while in the company of other children. When this happens, who then is to be blamed?


While parks and playgrounds are responsible for providing people with a safe environment, liability for injuries incurred during a recreational activity can be difficult to prove. Parents need to take action right away and talk to an injury attorney about their particular case to determine if there’s a basis in filing a legal suit against the management. Read More

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Switching Your Children to an Organic Diet

Every responsible parent wants their children to grow up to be strong and healthy. Unfortunately, many of the food choices offered to children these days leaves much to be desired. Food manufacturing plants load their food products with all kinds of harmful chemicals and other nutritionally deficient ingredients. For this reason, many parents find themselves having to do a lot of research into food manufacturers to figure out which companies produce the best food products, like chicken, to serve their children at mealtime. Read More

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5 Home Problems to Look for to Protect the Family

When looking for a new home for your family, you can’t merely settle for the first affordable structure that you come across. Without examining the potential of the house or apartment, you could inadvertently put your children at risk. Although you would like to live in a perfect world, the fact remains that not everyone repairs damages to the home in a safe manner. This could be dangerous for your little ones. Read More

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Parenting Behaviors Punishable by Law

Parenting is such a huge responsibility which should be taken seriously. Any wrong move can put you in trouble with your in-laws, make police visit your house or worse, even send you to jail. Keep in mind that some neighbors have their eyes and ears open all the time and any act they see you doing that they feel is not right can prompt them to call police authorities.

In the U.S., there are certain acts punishable by law hence parents need to be aware of these to avoid getting yourselves in trouble. Babysitters should also know these particularly now that many homes are equipped with surveillance cameras which can capture your every move. Read More

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Why Parents Need to Work Together With Teachers

Parents are the first teachers of their children. But as kids grow, parents need to entrust their kids to school teachers who are responsible for providing knowledge and developing the basic skills of children. Teachers are, therefore, recognized as second parents. And for this reason, parents and teachers need to establish a positive relationship as partners in education.

Experts have pointed out that a positive relationship between a parent and teacher is more likely to lead to the success of a child in school. When a school kid sees that his mom or dad get along well with the teacher, he or she is bound to feel good and inspired to do good in school. Read More


Top Five Parenting Trends for 2015

At the beginning of a new year, many people make resolutions or goals that they want to meet or achieve as time progresses. These resolutions may be to stop a bad habit or to start a good habit, such as stopping smoking or starting to volunteer more. For parents, making resolutions can be a little more challenging because caring for children requires much time and energy. These top five parenting trends for 2015 are making the new year’s resolutions list for many moms and dads. Read More


What You Need to Tell Your Kids About Divorce

Divorce is always painful and even traumatic not only for the spouses but most especially for their kids. Any child would find it hard to understand why his or her parents have to go their separate ways. Read More

Is Your Child’s Financial Future Secure?

As a parent it is normal to want the best for your kids. You work hard and try to give them the finest that life has to offer. When it comes to ensuring the security of their financial future, it is easy for a parent to be left wondering what approach to take. You already contribute to your child’s Roth IRA, building small pockets of wealth for their future when possible. You have even started looking into creating extra passive income with rental properties or flipping distressed properties.

saving for your child's financial future

Investing and padding the nest egg for your child’s future is certainly a nice gesture. It is unfortunate that none of these actions will ensure that their financial state will continue to remain solid long after you are gone. On the contrary, doing all this work for your child may have the opposite effect. Children who have everything handed to them in life tend to not understand how to do things for themselves. This is why it is important to educate your kids in the intricacies of how to earn and save money. Such insights will ultimately prepare them with the skills they need, ensuring that they will have a solid financial future. Read More