Allergy Management

For some reason, allergies have suddenly become the common theme at home these past couple of days. I suppose the weather might have something to do with it but I am quite certain that a little bit of oversight on our part (with regard to food) has had a role in the whole matter as well. It does not matter at this point ā€“ we just need to deal with the allergies. For future reference, though, I thought Iā€™d share some tips on how to handle allergies in this post. I am sure that many of you have their own allergy issues to manage.

KNOW the allergen
I think this is the most important thing of all. Though of course, in the beginning, we might not be able to determine quickly what the cause of the allergy may be, through time, we are able to zero in on these. I guess we are a bit unfortunate on this end because my husband was allergic to almost everything when he was a kid and some of the allergies are recurring now. If you are not sure what is causing the reaction with your kid, try isolating possible factors. From food to laundry products ā€“ anything can cause reactions. Of course, it would be good to pay the doctor a visit to do some tests which will yield conclusive results.

Be OC about labels
Never mind that OC has some negative connotations to it. The fact is that you have to be OC to a certain degree, especially if your children are prone to allergic reactions. Read labels (food and other products) carefully and make sure that the products do not contain anything that might even remotely trigger an allergic reaction.

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