Top 4 Fun Party Favors for Free—Well, Almost Free

The best part about holidays and milestones is the opportunity to throw parties. Although you can throw a few of your own, parties tend to be the most fun when they’re for kids. From classroom shindigs to birthday parties to fêtes thrown just for the heck of it, be sure to include some of these top four kid- and wallet-friendly party favors.


1. Fashion Accessories

Is your little girl having a princess party? The whole group can leave with a style upgrade when you give out small and simple fashion accessories as party favors. Look for fun, age-appropriate pieces that can fit with your theme. For example, if the party is zoo-themed, each little girl can get her own pair of cute animal drop earrings that she’ll actually be able to use well after the party has ended.

2. Homemade Edibles

What could be easier and more cost-effective than simply baking a batch of cookies for party favors? Kids will definitely love a sweet treat, and you can easily customize these with frosting designs. If your little man is having a superhero party, you can make cookies designed for different superheroes so each child has his or her own unique treat. The Internet is a virtual gold mine for interesting food crafts for kids, so feel free to explore how other parents do it or get creative with your own project.

3. Plants

Every kid should have a plant to gain a better understanding of nature and to practice responsibility. You can custom decorate a few clay pots, purchase some seeds and fill the pots with soil from your own backyard for an inexpensive and extra special party favor. For a girl’s birthday party, every guest can have her own flower, while a boy’s party can have “cooler” plants like cacti. For both boys and girls, look for fun character pots that grow grass from their heads for a hilarious twist.

4. Monster Doh

If you’re not feeling very crafty, take the easy way out by purchasing some containers of Play Doh, removing the labels and replacing them with funny monster faces for a unique and simple party favor. Simply remove the labels by soaking the Play Doh containers in warm water until the adhesive comes off the container. Have fun with stickers, googly eyes, colored cotton balls and other decorations to make Play Doh monsters or other characters for every guest.

You can make pretty much anything into a party favor with a little creativity and some craft glue. Use your imagination or explore Pinterest and parenting blogs for some good ideas on getting started. After shoveling out big bucks for presents, renting a venue and paying other party expenses, saving money with cost-effective DIY crafts can enable you to throw the party of the year without breaking the bank.

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