Best Toys for Babies

For mental growth and development of your babies, giving them toys is a great idea. It helps sharpens their minds at the same time giving them so much enjoyment. However, as parents you need to very careful about… Read More

Afraid of Preschool? Try Online Preschool

Infected toys, toddler bullies, terror teachers, hazardous environment, misbehaving pets, and strangers—with all these dangers, who can blame you for wanting an online preschool? Well fear no more because online preschool is already a reality.

The Top 10 Bestselling Children’s Books of All Time

The top 10 best selling children’s books according to Publishers Weekly magazine. Ranging from the modern day Harry Potter classics to the timeless classic of Peter Rabbit and the wacky Dr. Zeus. Books are ranked based on their… Read More

I Hate Homework!

Ever since my daughter started 1st grade, one thing that has been a constant battle is HOMEWORK. I can’t say that I blame her point of view. After a full day at school, then some club or sports… Read More

Parent Guide to Preparing for School

Children can feel a little overwhelmed when they start school for the first time – or even when they go back to school after having a break all summer. What they don’t often realize is that their parents… Read More

The Report Card

The other day my husband and I went to the first PTC meeting with our daughter’s teacher, Ms. A. Report cards had just come out and I was eager to see how N had fared in the first… Read More

Book In Focus: Parenting Well In A Media Age

We cannot deny it: we are living in a media age. Think back to when you were growing up. It might be that you didn’t have television, or perhaps if you did, your viewing time was limited. The… Read More

What We Can Learn From President Obama

From the get go, Barack Obama made it known just how important his family is to him. Despite being the busy guy that he is, he always makes it a point to set aside time and resources for… Read More

Kids and Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 2009! One of the best things you can do to Save the Earth is to educate your kids about the environment and sustainability – making it a fun process that they can carry through for… Read More

Taking the Law into your Own Hands – By getting into School

Hold your horses, not too fast and no violence involved. Many people are pissed at the way things are handled in court, much so that convicted killers, scammers and everybody in between go unpunished because of the legalities… Read More